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Frequently Asked Questions


What exactly does a body, mind, spirt coach do?
As a life balance coach I also offer coaching using HeartMath® techniques.

This type of coaching is all about goals, dreams, and desires. Throughout the spirit balancing and  consulting process, I help you identify the challenges and opportunities you want to address. Rather than telling you what to do, I guide you through your options and help you develop a balance strategy that works for you. It's best for you to come up with your own answers to ensure the most effective solution, since everyone defines personal satisfaction and success differently. My focus is on long-term results, and this is the best way to achieve them.


How does the coaching process work?

Let's talk logistics. In most cases, clients will participate in a body, mind, spirit, or career consulting session every two weeks; each session lasts thirty minutes to one hour and is scheduled a month in advance.


However, when you hire me as a business coach, you get more than just the scheduled sessions; you get an ongoing relationship and the continuing support you need to reach your goals. In between our scheduled sessions, we might connect regarding your professional assessments or exchange emails or short phone calls as needed.


Most clients start with a 6-month contract, which includes about 12 career consulting sessions on a standard biweekly schedule. However, this contract is not binding, so you have the option to stop before the end of six months or extend the contract according to your needs and progress. The cost will vary depending on the number of sessions in your contract. Please contact me to inquire about pricing and current specials.



Is it a realistic goal for me to aim to be in a different job, or to find something more satisfying, within 6 months?



Yes, I believe you'll find this to be a realistic goal as long as you do the work that is necessary to achieve it. How committed are you to reaching your goal? How much time are you willing to devote to it? As your coach, I'll do my part by guiding you and holding you accountable for the career strategy you have developed. But the outcome depends on the effort you put into it.



 What is your coaching style?

I tend to keep my coaching sessions light and easygoing, to put clients at ease. I am honest and direct, though I also believe in adding in some laughter and fun for good measure.



 Do you provide career consulting to clients worldwide?

Yes. I am able to work with clients throughout the United States and around the globe by conducting coaching sessions via phone and/or video chat. I am also available to meet in person with clients in the Austin area.


 What is the difference between a mentor, a therapist, a consultant, and a coach?

There are several key differences between these roles, which I've outlined below.


Mentor: A mentor is someone who is very knowledgeable in a specific field or within a particular company, and who is willing to provide advice based on his or her own experiences. The goal is for the mentee to apply this advice and learn from the mentor's example, in the hope that following in the mentor's footsteps will help the mentee achieve similar success. However, a mentor's guidance is dependent on his or her own experience, goals, values, and biases, which may not be the same as the mentee's. By contrast, a coach focuses on improving people's lives and careers on a broader scale, helping to guide them as they move forward to reach their desires and ambitions. A business coach assists with strategy and provides guidance based on the client’s own self-identified goals and values, rather than providing biased advice based on the coach's personal experience.


Therapist: A therapist can be very effective in helping individuals to overcome their past and move away from destructive patterns of behavior. Typically, therapy focuses on healing the individual, creating healthier coping skills, and working through present challenges. Coaching, on other hand, has more of a future orientation; it begins in the "now" and identifies the best route forward depend on the client's ultimate goals. Rather than analyzing past behaviors, a coaching client focuses on developing new behaviors that will enable progress toward a goal and help to achieve his or her own definition of success. To summarize: if a person's past is impeding forward momentum, he or she may benefit from therapy; but if the past is not a present concern, coaching can help a person make progress toward future goals.


Consultant: A consultant provides guidance regarding the methods and strategies to accomplish a goal, and can help individuals learn how to operate in a new situation and how to maintain balance. Consultants are hired to deliver an end result that meets a goal; the consultant takes responsibility for the project, using his or her expertise to determine the necessary steps for the client to improve. By comparison, coaching emphasizes the client's commitment to change and addresses the individual's strengths, interests, values, and goals; it focuses as much on the client becoming the best possible version of himself or herself as the steps required to get there and the different methods used to reach that goal. While a business coach may provide career consulting services, the approach typically involves more coaching than consulting.


Coach: A coach has expertise in getting to the heart of what a client really wants. He (or she) will ask the right questions to clarify the client's thoughts and goals, and then apply this information to help establish a strategy to accomplish those goals. Using active listening skills, a business coach can expand an individual’s horizons and provide a 360-degree view of unlimited potential, presenting possibilities and opportunities that person may never even have considered. A good business coach does not tell a client what to do, but rather provides guidance — the client is in charge of the process and has responsibility for the outcomes. 



I have other questions that aren't covered here. Where can I find the answers?


Please feel free to contact me directly, and I'd be happy to respond. You can phone me at 512-524-0473, submit an inquiry through the online contact form, or email me at bob@coachingpassionunlimited.com. I look forward to hearing from you!

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