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I'm Bob Sanderlin and Here Is My Story

I worked as a salmon biologist for the State of Alaska and I loved it. Years later my coach and mentor asked what I enjoyed and didn’t enjoy about my job.  I said I loved working with salmon and that I didn’t like managing crews of people. On the outside I looked like I was calm and collected, and on the inside anxiety was a dictator running my life. I was a micro-manager and I didn’t like myself because I was uncomfortable living in my own skin. This was a crucible moment for me because I had to decide if my life was workable. No it wasn’t.

A huge reason why people quit their jobs is because they don’t like being micro-managed. Hiring and training new employees is expensive. My coaching managers in HeartMath techniques can really increase a company’s ROI. This is why I’m impassioned to serve these companies.

HeartMath® has been a blessing because I can now trust my heart and calm down in the moment. “Calm is a Superpower” is how I like to say it. I now create teams of people by being more of a guide than a manager. And you know what; people ask to take on more responsibilities.


Do you have a knowledgeable manager that you thought would be a strong leader, however, you often hear other employees complaining about his style of management, being overworked, or feeling burnt out? Do you have managers that are afraid of public speaking and are not being promoted like they should? Are deadlines not being met?


Career coaching services can offer a wealth of benefits.
Goal achievement is possible with the right career strategy!
Executive coaching from a trained life coach can make goal achievement and career satisfaction a reality.



"I am proud to recommend Bob Sanderlin for HeartMath coaching to any person looking to improve their mental-emotional resilience, coherence, and overall stress-proof-ness. Bob is an excellent, empathetic, solution-oriented listener, coach, and guide who can foster, bit by bit, your moving into a life-enhancing, positive, constructive mental-emotional space, all the while reinforcing your understanding and practical skills in how to grow in this priceless ability for the rest of your life. Thanks, Bob. I am, indeed, so grateful to get to work with you. "


I really enjoyed working with Bob. I learned a lot about myself and found his coaching very valuable.  
~ Misty 
I have been working with Bob for a couple of months now and I really appreciate his passion and energy in supporting me realizing my goals. He is a great coach and you can feel that his priority is to help you grow. He has strong values and makes sure you keep your interests top priority and put looking after yourself first, so that you can show up better in your life. I love the energy I come away with from his sessions.
~ Katie

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Watch this video to learn about HeartMath    

       and "The Importance of Resilience."

  1. In person group coaching for one hour for five or six weeks. 

  2. Individual coaching by phone or Zoom is available on request.

  3. EmWave® technology is used to track results.

  4. Calming techniques can be used in the moment before, during or after stress.

  5. Positive emotions allow for wise energy management so employees are more productive throughout their day.


Several case studies have been written on the effectiveness of HeartMath in the 26 years it has been in business.


If you think that anxiety is decreasing your ROI, click the “Make a Consultation Appointment" button above and let’s see how I can help you?

 Here Is What I Offer

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Bob is a very caring, earnest and supportive coach. He is passionate about addressing the whole person - body, mind and spirit. Through his dedication and caring he made a real impact on me.


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